Who am I?

Hey, my name doesn’t matter, not just because of privacy reasons but ultimately because what matters is what you as the reader are trying to achieve from this blog and the many ways that I can help you through my own experiences. This blog is to give you, the reader, a sense of clarity in your own choices and emotions in a world where everyone has problems and everyone needs help. Think of me as that helpful friend, whose sole purpose is to help you grow and become a much better person than you were yesterday. 

I love coffee, philosophical dialogue and I have a constant yearning for knowledge, something which I know many of you may have, even if you don’t realise it yet 😉 

I’m a Personal development blogger but that doesn’t mean all I talk about is how I improve my life. No, this blog is about you and I genuinely mean that, even if this whole post is essentially me just rambling on about myself and the purpose of this blog, I promise that the rest of my posts will be tailored to helping you.

I’m human

I’ll be honest, if I don’t post every day, 7 days a week, 365 until the day I die, try and let me off the hook. I’m human. I’m not perfect. However, I will try to post as much as I can each week to answer any questions or topics you may want me to discuss and to voice some of my thoughts on specific topics which may also help you.

Feel free to email or message me regarding any topics you may want me to discuss on my next blog post and subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest posts. All links to social media are on my home page as well as any contact info. If you do choose to contact me about certain topics I’ll write about it and post it on the blog so you and anyone else needing advice can use the post to gain some level of clarity.

What’s the point of it all?

Throughout history historical figures such as; Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others had, above all else, one specific thing in common; Their yearning for knowledge. 

So what does the scholarly mind represent? Well, it’s simple, that I yearn for knowledge and seek answers when in confusion. That’s not just me. I’m sure the same can be said for you.

Now, to be a scholar per se isn’t the goal. The goal is to continuously ask questions and seek answers. That being said, It isn’t something you do once and forget about, if it was possible then I would do the same…actually…probably not.

You see, I’m an over-thinker and that has its perks despite being quite frustrating at times, it enables me to work hard on a problem until I am happy with the outcome, and that in itself is extremely empowering and pushes me to carry on finding solutions and if not then at the bare minimum to gain a good understanding of my current circumstance. I hope the same can be said for you and I hope that you too can feel a sense of peace in empowerment.

The final say!…for now…

Now that I’ve given an overview of what this blog is about I want you to understand that this is a growing process and to be fair you’re probably sick of hearing that, but unfortunately it’s the truth. 

Things take time and the best of things are nurtured across the longest periods and bloom with great conviction and beauty. So stay hopeful and keep an open mind. You’ll only get better, despite your situation things can only get better and I hope I can contribute to as much of that betterment as possible through this blog. Thank you for reading, Thank you for your time and more importantly, thank you for being you.



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