How to find purpose in your life when you feel useless



“be the change you wish to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

Intelligence is a broad term used by those who typically want to prove a point regarding themselves, but regardless of what you define the word to mean everyone can agree that intelligent people are to a great extent useful.

That being said, every single person is useful in some way, shape or form. Finding purpose and knowing how you are useful, however, is a lot harder to explain so let’s firstly address why you may feel useless.


For many people, a lack of achievement may result in these unwanted feelings of uselessness. This itself is easily changeable. By acquiring new hobbies and completing repetitions of them you will, in turn, be able to feel some sort of achievement, which, however small, will allow you to feel useful.

Whatever hobby you choose to spend time on, whether it’s reading, creative writing, art, it can all be used to help you gain some feeling of achievement.

However, one caveat to this idea is that we give ourselves fixed time slots to carry out these hobbies, which ultimately limits the amount of time we can feel achieved and useful. 

Instead of limiting ourselves to specific times, we need to aim for that feeling of achievement throughout our day, so that we can feel a sense of usefulness as a result of that achievement. 

Small tasks such as: taking out the trash, tidying your bed, going out for a walk while listening to a podcast, are all little things you can do every day to gain those feelings of achievement.

An idea to remember

The idea is this; constantly occupy your mind with small tasks so that you can feel better about yourself every single day. When you do this, however, you risk giving yourself a false sense of purpose.

The end goal isn’t to constantly carry out these tasks so that you can give yourself an excuse to not feel purposeful. The end goal is in fact using these tasks to further compliment your purpose.

After carrying out these tasks and finding a solid hobby that you can constantly practice, you hopefully feel better about yourself and are now in a happier mindset. 

Once you do, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is to find your purpose. Don’t worry, I know this next step may feel a bit overwhelming but I assure you it’s a lot easier than you think.

Finding purpose

For most people, their purpose is some sort of passion that they have or something they can’t live without, and that’s exactly what you need to think about when deciding your purpose.

Granted, your purpose in life doesn’t have to be one specific thing, it can be a lot of things, but in order to really get the ball rolling, you need to pinpoint exactly what it is that gets you excited and happy.

This can be something very broad like art. Let’s say that you love the look of art, it’s that thing that gets you worked up in the morning and excited about the day ahead.

Well, let’s also say that you enjoy all forms of art, from the graphic arts (painting, drawing, design), to the plastic arts (sculpting and modelling).

Heck let’s even say that you enjoy a bit of the decorative arts (enamel work, furniture design, mosaic work, etc.), Art just screams at you and excites every inch of your body.

Well, here’s the question to beat all questions. Which form of art do you like the most? Don’t tell me, you can’t choose? you like all of them? you don’t want to give up on any?

That’s all fine, you don’t have to choose, you can like all of them and you don’t have to give up on any. All you have to do is this. Find out what you spend most of your time doing.

Whether you spend most of your time actually creating or replicating a specific form of art, or doing research on a specific form, you more than likely spend more time on something in comparison to something else.

That’s essentially your passion. Not everyone can make their passion into a purpose or full-time career, but as a society, we need those passionate people in life.

Think about it this way, who would you rather hire? a passionate interior designer or one that hates interior design? The choice is obvious, pick the former than the latter.

That being said, with the example of art. If you find yourself spending more time on a specific form of art, if you choose to, try to make that into your career.

You may prefer to keep some passions as hobbies, aside from your professional career. That’s fine, the trouble it takes to create a business or a profession out of thin air is strenuous and tiresome.

If you acknowledge the hardships faced with doing so and still want to create some sort of business from your passion, then, by all means do so, the choice is yours.

Just try not to burn yourself out by juggling more things than you can handle. It’s ok to not be able to do hundreds of things at once, choose that specific thing you spend most of your time doing and focus on that above all else.

Whatever passions you may have beyond that should be secondary to your main passion; the passion you want to thrive from and make a career out of.

Once you pinpoint your exact passion and specify your exact interest the rest is up to you, whether you want to create some sort of business or personal endeavour.

Just know that it isn’t for everyone and that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not being able to do something due to personal circumstances. We all have responsibilities, first and foremost.

Do what you are able to do with your passion in mind and once you create a plan, in the hopes of making your passion into a career, carry it out effectively.

I’ve made a post on how to manage your time, which may help you plan out your everyday life more effectively so that you can achieve your goals in the long-term. 

I highly recommend checking it out, as well as reading another post on how to increase focus and productivity, as these posts compliment each other quite nicely and will be of great benefit to you.

The final decision

At the end of the day, you make the final decision and although it may be overwhelming it’s also very empowering. Knowing that you have control over your own life is something you shouldn’t be afraid of but rather embrace and enjoy. 

So find your passion, know that you are useful and matter a great deal to society and carry out your purpose, whatever it is that you love to do. good luck in all your endeavours.


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