3 Easy steps to increase focus and productivity


Serenity amid chaos

Life itself is filled with tasks, within those tasks lay many smaller tasks and above all else, to complete these tasks, you must learn to focus. There are many ways you can reach this state of predominant focus, one such way is to create smaller goals leading to the end goal.

By creating smaller goals you give yourself a sort of measurement on what you have to achieve to reach the end goal, the end goal being of course the completion of a necessary task. 

Always remember while setting these smaller goals what it is you want to obtain from them. Sometimes we get so carried away with perfectionism we end up with the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, whereby if the task is not completed to perfection we either give up everything trying to make it perfect or leave it and don’t return to it until we gain a sort of perfect method of completing the goal, something which may never come. 

In this situation, resorting to perfectionism isn’t something you should do. Instead, you should strive to be happy with finishing it to a high enough standard. 

With that said, it’s very common to have work that’s not perfect and contains flaws, it is the nature of all things, so let it happen and don’t stress yourself or feel frustrated over it.

To be able to look at a fine piece of work and say “it is good enough” is empowering, knowing that you’ve given it the absolute most attention and focus you possibly could.

Utilization of positive reinforcement

Completing certain tasks can be challenging. During these moments of frustration, you must find your driving factor. For most, it is the idea of completing a task knowing that in the long term they will gain a significant advantage and that this task, however gruelling it may be, is a great benefactor for them.

However, it can be said that during these challenging times there must be an even greater, instant benefactor. This is typically in the form of treats; Cookies, chocolate, ice cream, you name it. Whatever your heart desires, in this sense, can be used as a driving factor to help you complete tasks.

While using such driving factors I would like to mention three points. The first point is to choose your driving factor carefully. Sometimes what our hearts desire aren’t always the best things for us; in this case, too much sugar may not be the best idea.

I suggest opting for something just as rewarding but also significantly healthier, maybe a bowl of fruit or allowing yourself to go out with friends at the end of the week, guilt-free, because you earned it, assuming you completed and reached your goals and even then, you should take some time out for yourself to de-stress. Too much work can be exhausting and it’s important not to lose motivation.

Now, I know many of you may not like the idea of parting ways with sugary heaven and that’s perfectly fine, stick to those sweet treats if they make you happy, but I would highly suggest you listen to the next point, which is to not over-indulge. 

Portion control is key in this step as excessive eating may cause a whole load of health problems and even more, it leads to something much worse; a dependency on these immediate driving factors. Something which I cannot stress enough about and encourage you to be cautious of. 

This last point is imperative, not only for the longevity of your mind in accordance with completing tasks but also to reach greater discipline and satisfaction. 

There should be enough satisfaction gained after completing a task, whereby no further factors are needed to reach satisfaction. This isn’t always the case and the idea itself is, in fact, unrealistic to some extent, but it is something which everyone should strive for, as it will be a much better and less detrimental aid in the long-term, fostering discipline and aiding motivation with the need of a lesser stimulus, something which isn’t filled to the brim with sugar.

Anyways, don’t let my hatred towards sugar impose on your happiness, just remember to control your impulses and to acknowledge when enough is in fact enough. Do the things that make you happy but with everything control is key

The first and last straw

For you to truly focus certain measures must be taken. Beyond that which has been mentioned previously, blocking out background noise using noise-cancelling headphones can be a huge help in obtaining focus. 

Now, what you listen to is your choice, it doesn’t have to be music per se, it can be purely instrumental, the sounds of nature or even a podcast, but since you’re trying so hard to focus on a task I would suggest listening to podcasts purely on your leisure time, that is to say, it will make focusing a lot easier.

In fact, if you are someone who prefers not to listen to anything and thrives in complete silence, noise-cancelling headphones are perfect, in the sense that they block out almost all forms of background noise, allowing you to work on a task in peace and quiet.

It’s important to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones if you have the means to. It isn’t extremely necessary but in all honesty, they do help.

If you don’t have the means to buy noise-cancelling headphones due to budgeting or certain restraints such as; needing that money for more important responsibilities like rent, gas money or for emergencies. That’s fine, instead, look for a quieter place to carry out your tasks, if noise does become a bother. 

A quieter place could be; your attic, basement, a library, even the park on a sunny day if your circumstance allows it. Wherever it may be, if it allows you to focus then it’s good enough.

A lot of influencers and bloggers will try to emphasise how having a good workspace and a perfect setting is important for focus and productivity. It is, to an extent, as it will make you feel a lot more comfortable. 

Lighting, a good desk, storage for items which would otherwise end up scattered across the room, are all very important, as it helps to improve your mood and make you feel excited to work, study and be productive in general. 

I prefer a very simplistic space and don’t require a whole lot of ambience to feel relaxed. It isn’t a necessity but it’s very helpful if you do choose to tailor your space to your own needs.

That being said, I’ll put some intext links to some products, I highly recommend, for you to check out if you’re interested in creating a better workspace, being focused and hopefully a lot more excited about being productive. Again, it isn’t a necessity, do what’s good for you.

As always I hope that you’ve gained some guidance and something of value from this post. Feel free to email or message me on social media regarding any topics you may want me to discuss on my next blog post. All links are on my home page. Until next time, keep questioning, keep being contemplative and always be mindful. 

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